coding maps

I'm quite amazed at the performance of both SVG rendering and of Javascript:

[ spec : SVG RT generated, 30fps, ~5000 mtx33 mul, javascript ]

Since starting this SVG map generator, I have become more and more interested in playing with vector shapes. Thinking in maps isn't a new thing for me, all of my work on deepViewer (which I revisited with pzView) was based on the idea that all information can benefit from being presented like if it were geographic data.

That's why I'm starting to put together code to manipulate polygonal shapes. It's a good excuse to brush up my C++ and to look at WebAssembly. If things go well, it should end up on github and lead to a much improved map generator and, ideally, to a tool to create geographies based on complex datasets as, as I've been convinced for a long time, datamining is certainly easier when you have a (data)map.

Jérôme Muffat-Méridol
January 19, 2021


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