We all have so many photos... Around 2005, I had the idea of applying videogames techniques to photo cataloging software and started a project I called gpuViewer. My main idea was to leverage the Pan&Zoom concept that was emerging together with multitouch.

When I joined Intel in 2008, the company bought the IP and the project became part of my work. It got renamed deepViewer, the focus on gpu wasn't too popular internally :) . We used it a bit like a concept car, as a forward looking workload and demonstrating the level of interactivity that could be achieved on Atom tablets amongst other things.

In 2020, I was part of a round of redundancies. Intel gave me permission to keep creating derivative works of the concept and, putting confinement time to good use, I've been bringing pan+zoom to iPhone/iPad's photo library.


05/26/2020 pzView, first teaser

05/23/2020 P+Z precursor: Photosynth & Seadragon

03/28/2020 why pzView ?